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Dan orang yang sabar kerana mencari keredhaan Tuhannya, mendirikan solat dan menafkahkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami nafkahkan kepada mereka, secara sembunyi atau terang-terangan, serta menolak kejahatan dengan kebaikan, orang itulah yang mendapat tempat kesudahan yang baik.
Surah Ar-Rad : Ayat-22

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early in The Morning

Hasniza Ibrahim
Early in The Morning

The alarm knocking. 
New day began. 
We open our eyes. 
We standing on the start line. 
Ready to race with time.

We left our bed. 
Brought all burdens along. 
Few said hamdalah.
Many forgot to thanks to Allah. 

Few went to mosque. 
Worship Allah, pray for strenght. 
Many were not, 
Worry late to work they said.

And the life began. 
Similarly like yesterday. 
We just copied and pasted. 
We repeated the same routines. 
We re-do the same activities.

We woke our children up
Sent them to school with hustle. 
Told them to study and score As
We drove like crazy
 Rushing to work but stuck in jammed!

The blood preasure increased fast. 
We pushed our hon started to shout. 
We were totally in mad. 
Our face turn to red.
Our mood spoiled and ruined.

Our stomach singing in pain. 
So early in the morning. 
Sometimes we took our breakfast. 
Most of the time we did not. 
Time was running fast. 
We always lost in the race.

Still early in the morning. 
The sun did not rise yet. 
Cars and bikes line up on roads.
Like a train without a rail.

Early in the morning. 
We did not hear the sound of cock. 
Here we heard sound of engines and hons. 
Sound of our neighbours on our left and our right. 
So close. 
Just like in a same room.

Rarely we heard they laughed.
Usually we heard they screamed. 
Voices of stressed people, surrounding us. 
Haunted us.

Oh God.
Please save us.
Everyday we race with time. Everyday we lost!
Not because we are slow.
But time running fast.

Oh God you knows best.
Give us light show us way.
Help us out from the crazy race.
Early in the morning.

This is my early in the morning. At place where people racing with time. Running without giving up. Although most of the time, they always lost.

*lot of mistake on grammar and vocab, apologize ye, hehe

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