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Dan orang yang sabar kerana mencari keredhaan Tuhannya, mendirikan solat dan menafkahkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami nafkahkan kepada mereka, secara sembunyi atau terang-terangan, serta menolak kejahatan dengan kebaikan, orang itulah yang mendapat tempat kesudahan yang baik.
Surah Ar-Rad : Ayat-22

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad, Worse and Worst.

Have you ever done a mistake, and then right after when you realized what you had done, you try to fix it but unfortunately, harder you try, worse it turn out. Have you?

I do, not only once, twice or trice, but so many times. Everything is not succeed. Worse than that, not only things are not going happen as what I wish, but getting worse and worst, it makes me feel sucks.

I always finally end up the 'trial' with huge of frustrated and disappointed, It’s make me totally feel very bad. Full of regrets and feel useless. Every time it was happened, I ask my self ‘why’ again and again but still, until now, I don’t have the perfect answer. And still, until now, i repeated it again and again.. Why? What's wrong with me or what's their fault?

I dunno... Maybe...

Once broken consider sold.

Once go straight no more u-turn.

Maybe, lot of peoples always thinks like that, which is I never happen to understand. Since I am easy to forgive and forget, I always assumed that other people also think the same way as I am. Which is I am wrong. Nobody can read others mind. I should not assume that we are all same. Everybody is totally different. I am me and you are yours. I always do wrong but still I cant learn. How pathetic.

I feel very sad when people looked at me in a bad way. I feel horrible. I don’t like it because I am honestly not like that. I never look at people with evil eyes. I am not a witch. I just try to fix problems. That's it, not more. Not less. I want make things end up better. I want make every problems settle. I want make everything clearer but why, why I always fail?

I still searching for the answers...

Why.. Why.. Why..

1 comment:

1jja1912 said...

insyaAllah kak..
adakalanya..kita perlu jalani hidup ini sekadarnya..dan sometime kena 'perfectionist' tu 2nd stage..

kita berhak utk terus berusaha sehabis daya utk memperbaiki diri..tapi jgn smpai membebankan diri dan jadi punca tekanan..

Allah juga tak kan menguji kita, melebihi kemampuan kita..