+ Dengan nama Allah +

Dan orang yang sabar kerana mencari keredhaan Tuhannya, mendirikan solat dan menafkahkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami nafkahkan kepada mereka, secara sembunyi atau terang-terangan, serta menolak kejahatan dengan kebaikan, orang itulah yang mendapat tempat kesudahan yang baik.
Surah Ar-Rad : Ayat-22

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deserve to Rejoice.

~Beautiful moment~

This thingy makes my face smiley as soon as i opened my eyes, touched the lappy and watched the result. Woho~!! Well, as usual, i didn't watch the game, 3 am is time for me to have a good rest, hmm. I just waited and saw the result, the 'hoho' moment then read the analyst, the comments, the article.. Well.. don't blame me.. i just don't have enough time to put my 'slim' body in front of the square box (TV). I chose to sleep tight.. Yeap, absolutely. But hey, maybe, in my dreams, i did hope, the championship tonight is belong to BARCA.. yeah~ Happy so much much..^__^

Okeh, that's it..

Lessons from the match,

1) Dont be too arrogant or over confident, everybody will always got chance to win or to loose. In the match, it is always 50-50 chance either to win or to loose.

2) If you struggle and work hard for it, u deserve the victory. Dont ever afraid to your enemy, be confident (not over confident). No matter how good your opponent was, rememer, you still got chance to defeat them if you believe in yourself. Dont give up eventhough you only have a litle tiny miny chances... Until it last.

3) Teamwork is everything. Teamwork spirit is the most important thing when you doing any job together with others, trust each other and dont be so selfish. If you cant hold the weight, it should be better if you pass the ball to others.

4) Strategi and skill are important. Face the greater opponent and defeat them will make u feel better. Great. Passion. Satisfy. When you already have the strategy, just go for it, don't loose your beat and stay focus on your aim, be strong and stay calm. Your enemy might be stronger if you think they are.

5) When you got your target, your aim, your success, your victor, just celebrate it! You deserve that and show off! It's party time. I do respects those players, every time their teammates score the ball, they all together celebrates, run, jump, hug, show off etc. Raikan~!! With that ways, i do believe that it could rise more energy, passion, happiness among the players and also for the supporters. And yup... huhu~ it could tear the opponent heart, wakakaka~ heart bleeding, sorry Man Utd, this is just not your time. ^_^

Wokey, that's all for now, words from someone who did not watch the game, and don't know how to speak in English, hehe.. just eager to bluff..kui3..thanx for reading, take the good and leave the bad.