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Dan orang yang sabar kerana mencari keredhaan Tuhannya, mendirikan solat dan menafkahkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami nafkahkan kepada mereka, secara sembunyi atau terang-terangan, serta menolak kejahatan dengan kebaikan, orang itulah yang mendapat tempat kesudahan yang baik.
Surah Ar-Rad : Ayat-22

Monday, November 21, 2011

Not The End of The Road

Early November, this year. Once again, I have to make an important decision in my life, and that was my second time facing up the same situation – just a different time, ways, location, persons involved, some terms and conditions. Supposed, I learnt from my first experience, and for the second, I should know better because now, I have more experiences.

But still. My mom cannot sleep for few nights, so am I. Time is running out fast and I have to choose fast. What to do? What should I do?? Since nobody knows what will happen next, so am I. I won’t know either my decision is right or wrong, until I decided. Oh! It was too hard, to choose the best.

Like usual. Before I made a decision, I’m thinking and kept asking myself, repeated the same questions, “Is this the best decision? Am I doing right or wrong? What will happen to me after this, worse or better? God please show me ways.”

I have lot of question without answer. And it was neither the first time nor the last. I keep asking. Again and again.

Sometimes I got the answer, sometimes I am not. Sometimes I just got the hint, sometimes I am not. Usually – I got nothing, but still – I surrender myself to Allah and let Him ‘decide’ for me. Al-Fatihah, Ayat 5-7.

Seriously, making a decision is hard for every of us, (who think before act) especially if it is very crucial, important, critical and have a capability to change 180 degree of our life. In this life, we cannot escape ourselves from choosing. Marry or not. Right or left. Speaking or keep silent. Eat or not to eat. Sleep or not to sleep. Divorce or save the marriage. Everything, we have to choose.

Life is easy and beautiful if we can get what we want absolutely as per what we want to. But truly speaking, life is not that easy. Life is full of turns and thorns along the road. As a khalifah of Allah, belongs to Him, obey to Him, live in society, have family and friends, we have responsibilities and lot of lists to do. And created as a human, we also have desires and needs too. We have weakness and ‘lack of something’. Born as a baby who knows nothing – we need time to learn, to be an adult, to be a better man or a worse.

To choose, we have to recognize and able to differentiate, what is the need and what is the desire. Is it a need or only a desire? Besides, we need to ensure ourselves to choose the most important thing among the important things. And as a Muslim, the first thing we should count into the account is – obey to Allah and His Messenger.

However, sometimes, when we reached the 'end of the road', stuck and don’t have any choices to choose, like it or not, we have to sacrifice some of our desires or our needs. This moment will become the most fragile and toughest moment for some of us. Some are survive, most are lost. That is why people said, when the through get though, only the tough get through. In Quran, Allah said, He gives a burden to us because He knows that we able to carry the burden. You may refer to Surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 284 – 286. So supposedly, no matter how heavy the burden is on our shoulder, just carry it. Pray to Allah and tawakkal. Bear in mind, it is still not the end of the road - there must be another ways to out. Try the best to find the best solutions. Or. Try the best to find the less negative impact cause by the decision. 

Maybe door closed for us, but still have another windows open. 

As a Muslim we have to believe – nothing is for nothing. Allah will reward us for every good thing or the bad thing that we did, even as small as an atom. And, He also remind us, if we do the good thing, He will rewards us with doubles of kindness, however, if we do the bad thing, He will punish us equally. Thanks to Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. Nothing to worry, just be a good person. =)
Alright! Keep on moving; don’t stop just because of you fear for something which is not-exist – ‘what will happen tomorrow’. Just choose - base on Al-Quran and Sunnah, and, your heart’s whisper, don’t ignore.

Remember. There is no end of the road, unless you die.

“Sometimes, pain is actually good for us. We know nothing, but Allah knows everything” 

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