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Dan orang yang sabar kerana mencari keredhaan Tuhannya, mendirikan solat dan menafkahkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami nafkahkan kepada mereka, secara sembunyi atau terang-terangan, serta menolak kejahatan dengan kebaikan, orang itulah yang mendapat tempat kesudahan yang baik.
Surah Ar-Rad : Ayat-22

Friday, November 18, 2011


Scored A for English subject during UPSR, PMR and SPM examination doesn't mean that i am, currently good in English. Admit that i am like a 'fool' when writing in English, but, hah! i'm trying my best, ya! First and foremost, i apologize for every mistake - maybe - assume - wrong spelling, vocabulary or grammar. 

Okay, try to make it short - assumption - more words = more mistakes. Again and again, i can't prevent myself to make an assumption. And this happen naturally in my daily activities. Last few days, i almost 'broke a glass' when i wrongly made an assumption and prejudgement. Haih.. Am i weird? Maybe - assume - but thanks God, in most situation, i still manage to control myself to make a positive assumption. Some people said, husnuzon or bersangka baik. What so ever, the most important thing is - that assumption won't burden me and other people around me. ;)

And, i easily get sick with other people who loves to pre-judge, pre-assume - assume that other peoples are thinking exactly like him/her. For example, when she/he park a car, suddenly another car come and park at the parking lot beside him/her, however, after a few seconds, the driver reverse the car and leave the parking lot. Without a doubt, he/she said, "No wonder la she/he didn't park beside me, he/she is an assistant manager, i am not." OH! That was a very simple example, what about other situation and condition? Which is more serious and critical? So sick..  


In this world, nobody is exactly same, 100% same with us. So, how could we judge others base on our 'standard'? What we saw on the same thing maybe different with others. Experience, knowledge, surrounding,   emotion, weather, peoples may lead to different point of views. Nobody is wrong, nobody is to blame, everybody is right - based on their point of view. Hurmm..

So please, stop the negative thinking. It harm other less, but more on yourself.

Just try to imagine, what will happen if everybody loves red colour, everybody loves to eat fish? How bored. No colourful  no more fishes in the aquarium! Huhu.


p/s: I must learn to improve my English. Have to! :,(

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